Day 1 Pools  - 9/9/16

All pool play matches are 2 out of three games, the first two to 25 the final to 15 (if needed), no cap.

All teams are at Epic on Saturday. All third and fourth place teams need to be ready to play or ref at 8 AM. Pool winners should be ready to play or ref at 9 AM. All first and second place teams go to Gold, all third and fourth place teams go to Silver. There will be a seeding round followed by single elimination bracket play. There will be awards for first and second place in all divisions and six all tournament players and an MVP in the Gold Division.

On Saturday the gym at Epic will be open at 7 AM.

There is a parade in Poway, use Scripps Poway Parkway to drive to Epic Volleyball Club Saturday.

Food will be sold at Epic on Saturday. The Volleyhut retail store will be open Saturday 8 AM to 2 PM.

4 Team Pool:

1 vs 3   2 ref

2 vs 4   1 ref  

1 vs 4   3 ref

2 vs 3   1 ref

3 vs 4   2 ref

1 vs 2   4 ref


There will be a charge at the door and snack bar at most sites on Friday.

@West Hills HS - 3:30

Pool I

Pool II

West Hills Poway
Brawley Helix
Crawford Southwest IV

@Valhalla HS - 3:30

Pool I

Pool II

RBV Scripps Ranch
Valhalla Tri City Christian
Patrick Henry Rancho Bernardo
Imperial HS Grossmont

@Escondido HS - 3:30
Pool I Pool II
Santa Fe Christian Murrieta Mesa
Escondido Mission Vista
Bonita Vista Vista
Coronado Granite Hills